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All our designer Croquembouche (Pièce Montée) are bespoke to each couple and hand-made by Zucchero's Pâtissier, using unique recipes he has developed over many years of experience with multi-Michelin star restaurants, 5 star hotels, Marks & Spencer and Harrods.

A Croquembouche is a French dessert, or Pièce Montée. The name comes from the French words “croque en bouche” meaning “crunch in the mouth”. A traditional French wedding 'cake'.

The Croquembouche or Pièce Montée originated in France back in the early 18th century as their traditional wedding cake. Back then guests would bring their own sweet breads to the wedding reception and would use them to create a tower. The newlyweds would attempt to kiss over the top of the sweet bread tower as this was said to bring them prosperity and fertility for their future life together! When French Pâtissiers invented choux filled pastries (profiteroles) these were brought to weddings instead of the simple sweet breads and they were balanced into a tower. The Croquembouche has certainly evolved since then, with many different variations of the original version being made by chocolatiers and Pâtissiers all over Europe and America.

Not only is the Croquembouche absolutely delicious but visually it creates a truly breathtaking centrepiece for your wedding reception – something to capture your guests’ attention. Standing at an average height of 1.2 metres (4ft) it definitely stands out! Although the Croquembouche is becoming much demanded it is still viewed as something very different.

A Zucchero Pâtisserie Croquembouche is a towering pyramid of profiteroles, up to 1.2 metres (4ft) high. Zucchero is one of few Pâtisseries in the UK with the ability to create a truly impressive Croquembouche. Each profiterole is filled with either: crème Pâtissier or mousse, then may be enrobed with the finest chocolate.

You can choose from our signature collection (subject to availability of raw materials):
  • Ivoire 35% white chocolate, Californian cranberry and Grand Marnier.
  • Guanaja 70% dark chocolate, Morello cherry and Willisauer kirsch.
  • Jivara 41% milk chocolate and roasted hazelnut (also known as “Gianduja”).
  • Amedei white chocolate, Tulameen raspberry and Limoncello di Capri.
  • Amedei white chocolate, Jubilee strawberry and champagne.
  • Amedei 65% dark chocolate and Thai chilli.
  • Jivara 41% milk chocolate and Seville orange.
Or you can choose from our limited edition collection (again subject to seasonal availability):
  • Amedei 70% dark chocolate and roasted pistachio.
  • Ivoire 35% white chocolate, Alfonso mango and Crème de Cassis.
  • Amedei white chocolate, Victoria plum and Amaretto di Saronno.
  • Jivara 41% milk chocolate, espresso and Tia Maria.
Please note, this is by no means an exhaustive list, if you don’t see anything that grabs you, ask us for more options. We specialise in catering for gluten intolerance, diabetic, vegan, eggless, dairy free and alcohol free.

Alternatively, you can tell us your favourite flavour combinations and we will design a recipe just for you - well we did say you had ultimate flexibility!

Your cake can be decorated with fresh flowers for a sophisticated, contemporary look. Or you may prefer, hand-made pure chocolate flowers, fans, butterflies, hand-made filled chocolates, or even a hand-made Chocolate Sculpture.

This unique tower of delicacies looks stunning on its own but for extra impact you may opt to have it decorated with small fresh flowers nestled amongst the profiteroles; curls of ribbon (pure chocolate of course!) cascading down the tower, hand-made finest chocolate flowers, fans, butterflies or even a pure Chocolate Sculpture to top the tower.

The traditional method of 'cutting the cake' for a Croquembouche is for the Bride & Groom to pose for photographs to be taken with a large sword (which we can supply you with). Alternatively, if the bride and groom want to opt for a more romantic symbol they could simply pick a profiterole each from the top of the tower and feed it to each other. The tower is then whisked away to the kitchen for your venue to dismantle and serve to your guests. Full instructions are supplied to your venue.

The Croquembouche or Pièce Montée can be used in addition to, or as an alternative to, dessert at the wedding reception. Ideally if you serve it in place of wedding ceremony cake you should allow a portion of 1 or 2 profiteroles per guest, or if you are serving it as the main dessert then allow a portion of 3 or 5 profiteroles per guest. If you choose an informal reception you could leave your Croquembouche for guests to break off pieces themselves.

If you are opting for a tiered cake for your reception you can always choose a smaller Croquembouche for an eye catching centrepiece.

The Croquembouche is radically changing the shape of “wedding cakes” by providing a distinctive twist to the traditional. Your cake is a really important part of your special day – do you dare to try something unique and very memorable?

View croquembouche pictures.

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